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We are property developers, providing quality new houses people are excited to call home.

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Land Owner?

We acquire land or property for development, adding value via planning gain, new build, or conversion.

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Make excellent returns from our projects! We work with debt or equity based investors.

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Outstanding Homes! Take a look at some of our current projects.

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Get in touch to find out more about selling your land or property, investing with us, or anything else.

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Land Aquisition

An important part of successful property development is having the right land on which to build. We are always actively looking to acquire land; then to add value by using expertise to gain the correct planning consent. By adding this value we can create a win:win for both land owners and ourselves - land owners typically get an above market price for their land, we get the land required for our developments.

We are seeking to purchase land or buildings with no, limited, lapsed, or problematic, planning. And will consider most sites that have potential. Our ideal site would typically allow us to build between 1 and 10 new homes. Below are brief descriptions of the types of sites we seek.

Please get in touch if you think you might have a site that we could be interested in. There is no hard sale and no obligation. We will make an initial assessment of the site and let you know if it has potential. If it does, we will give you a ball park idea of what we might be able to buy it for. Get in touch to learn more.

  Development Land

Sell any type of land that has development potential...

Any land that has potential to build homes on, may have value subject to planning being gained. Outside of garden plots, there are all sorts of other parcels of land with such potential. Ideally these will be near to existing residential homes, where there is already established planning precedence.

  Development Property

Sell a building or property for development...

Land that has a building on it already, can also have development potential, to either demolish or convert, to build new homes. Sites that are run down or unused, or have a single house on a large plot, are ideal. Change of use sites such as pubs, commercial buildings, petrol stations, garage blocks, etc, may also be of interest.

  Garden Plots

Sell a part of your garden...

Garden plots are when a garden is large enough that part of it could be used to build one or more new houses. Consideration has to be given to access, as well as impact and distances from neighbouring properties.

  Land Assembly

As neighbours, all sell parts of your gardens...

Land Assembly is when several individual parcels of land eg; parts of multiple gardens, are put together to make a single larger plot, to build several new houses. The individual plots only gain monetary value, when planning is gained on the new single larger site. It involves all neighbours agreeing to sell their land.

Investors & Partners

Our goal is to build new homes and substantially increase the value of the land or existing property they are built on. In order to deliver our projects we seek to partner with investors to help fund some of the project. In exchange we offer great rates of return, creating a win:win for us both.

We understand that some investors don't have the time and/or expertise to run a development project, but like the financial returns that they can give. We can provide this time and expertise, and deliver the project and returns to you as an investor, making it an ideally partnership.

We will also consider 'Joint Ventures'. This could be with land owners, investors, other developers, builders, or anyone interested in working with us to create shared value.

  Debt Investment

This is a straight forward loan based investment, where you lend us an amount of money, and we repay it with a fixed return at an agreed interest rate, over a pre-determined period. The rate varies by project, investor, and amount; but is always significantly higher than the banks savings rates. Security options can be discussed.


 Equity Investment 

For sophisticated investors, we can explore investing with us on an equity basis. Being involved with the project on a shared equity basis, means you also share a level of risk, but the returns can be higher. You are also closer to the progress, status, and outcome of the project. Security options can be agreed. Please get in touch for more details.


A selection of our current projects...

9 New Homes - Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Conversion of former office building to residential

Grade II Listed | 7000 sq ft | 6 cottages + 3 appartments | Rear communal courtyard

This stunning building has been an office building for a local newspaper for many years, but is now empty, and in need of a new lease of life. We have secured planning to convert it to 9 individually designed dwellings, to provide beautiful homes for the new owners, right in the centre of a Wiltshire market town. And preserve this Grade II listed building for the next phase of it history. Construction starts soon, and we hope to be maketing the new homes by the end of the year!

8 New Homes - Tadley, Hampshire

Planning submitted for permission to build 8 new houses

2,3 & 4 bedroom family homes | Excellent location | Great Designs | Good garden space

We have submitted a planning application for persmission to build 8 new homes on this 0.75 acre parcel of land. This would provide much needed family homes for the local community, and make sustainable use of land within the LA defined settlement boundary. The scheme has been sensibly designed and is not over crowded, so there is plenty of space, and great gardens, for the furture residents. Currently bees are bred on the land, these will be safely relocated to their new home!


Please get in touch for a no obligation, informal, chat about anything you would like to learn more about.

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